The History of Byzantine Coinage
Uses of Coins
Christianization of the Coin
Representation of Christ
Representation of the Virgin
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Christ Pantocrator and the
Bearded Type of Christ
Nos. 1–3
The Youthful Christ and
Christ Emmanuel
Nos. 4, 5
Christ Standing No. 6
Christ Enthroned Nos. 7–9
Christ with the Emperor Nos. 10–12
The Virgin

Virgin Nikopoios Nos. 13, 14
Virgin Blachernitissa Nos. 15–17
Hodegetria No. 18
Virgin Enthroned and
Virgin Crowning Emperor
Nos. 19, 20

St. Michael the Archangel Nos. 21–23
St. Demetrius Nos. 24–26
St. George and St. Theodore Nos. 27–29
St. Constantine No. 30
Christograms and Crosses

Christogram No. 31
Cross Nos. 32, 33
Cross on Steps Nos. 34–36
Decorated Crosses Nos. 37, 38
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