The History of Byzantine Coinage
Uses of Coins
Christianization of the Coin
Representation of Christ
Representation of the Virgin
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The Early Byzantine Period (6th–7th century)

Gold Coins Nos. 1–4
Silver Coins No. 5
Copper Coins Nos. 6–10
The Middle Byzantine Period (8th–11th century)
Gold Coins Nos. 11–13
Silver Coins No. 14
Copper Coins No. 15
The Period of the Gold Hyperpyron (12th–13th century)
Gold Coins (Hyperpyra) Nos. 16, 17
Electrum Coins No. 18
Billon Coins Nos. 19, 20
Copper Coins No. 21
Late Byzantine Coinage (14th–15th century)
A. The Basilicon Episode (1304–67)
Gold Coins (Hyperpyra) Nos. 22, 23
Silver Basilicon of Andronicus II No. 24
Billon and Copper Coins Nos. 25, 26
B. The Stavraton Period (14th–15th centuries)
Silver Stavrata Nos. 27–29
Copper Coins Nos. 30, 31
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